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God’s Word has always been, and is, central to our church and our faith.  We believe that the Bible has always been relevant to how each of us should live every day as followers of Jesus Christ.

Sunday, 5-1-22:

"EXITING - SAINTS LEFT!"Acts 20:18-326-5-2022"Remember Not To Forget!"1 Thessalonians 4:9-185-29-2022"3 Provisions In Serving God!"2 Thessalonians 3:1-55-22-2022"Rejoicing In God's Goodness"Psalm 95-15-2022"Mothers Should Be Honored!"2 Timothy 1:5-75-8-2022"Assessing God's Authority Over Us"Psalm 139:17-245-1-2022"Confessing God’s Attributes For Us"Psalm 139:1-164-24-2022"Reporting Live, From The Tomb!"Matthew 24:1-124-17-2022"The Way To The Cross"John 12:12-264-10-2022"The Lord's Holy Help"Psalm 1213-27-2022"WHY GRACE IS SO AMAZING!"Titus 3:3-83-20-2022"Good News Over Bad News!"Romans 3:21-263-13-2022"Life As An Heir In Christ"1 Peter 2:9-213-6-2022"Of The Master’s Making!"Jeremiah 18:1-62-27-2022"Godly Wisdom Works!"Ephesians 5:8-202-20-2022"Evidence Of Christian Love!"1 Corinthians 13:1-132-13-2022"Life Decisions Vs. God’s Direction!"Luke 12:13-212-6-2022"God's Grace Is Great"Titus 2:11-141-30-2022"Forgiveness, That's A Given!"Romans 5:1-211-23-2022"The Difference God's Love Makes!"1 John 4:12-181-16-2022"Walking With Jesus" Important guidance on how we can best be Imitators Of God in 2022Ephesians 5:1-201-9-2022"Faith For The New Year!"1 Peter 1:2-91-2-2022 "Praising Messiah’s Arrival!"Luke 2:21-3812-26-2021 "God’s Gift Onto us!"Luke 2:1-2012-19-2021 "The Good News Of God’s Son."Luke 2:8-2012-12-2021 "The Transforming Power Of The Holy Spirit!"Titus 3:3-712-5-2021 "Jesus Is The Light Of Christmas!"Isaiah 9:1-611-28-2021 "Giving Thanks"1 Thessalonians 5:16-1811-21-2021 "Jesus Brings About Change!"Romans 6:17-2311-14-2021 "The Devil Is Real And Working!"Ephesians 6:10-1210-31-2021 "Called For God’s Purpose!"Romans 8:27-3010-24-2021 "Sharing God’s Truth!"Acts 14:1-1010-10-2021 "God’s Love Handbook"1 John 4:19-2110-3-2021 "Things Change, God Doesn’t"James 1:17-189-26-2021 "Our Salvation Destination!"1 Peter 1:10-169-19-2021 "Jesus Defeats All Evil"Ephesians 6:10-139-12-2021 "Laboring For The Lord"Ephesians 2:10 & Colossians 3:23-249-5-2021 "Prepare To Care & Share"1 Peter 1:13-168-29-2021 "When Storms Approach"Mark 4:35-418-22-2021 "Rejoice, And Again I Say Rejoice!"1 Peter 1:6-98-15-2021 "Providence Over Ignorance"1 Thessalonians 4:13-188-1-2021 "The Greatest Love!"1 John 3:16-207-25-2021 "Sending And Going"Isaiah 6:1-87-18-2021 "Knowing our Freedom!"John 8:21-367-4-2021 "God’s Power To Us!"Ephesians 3:14-216-27-2021 "Faithful Fathers To Their Children"Ephesians 6:1-46-20-2021 "Remember, Lest We Forget"Joshua 3:1-175-30-2021 "Sharing The Savior Successfully"Acts 17:16-235-23-2021 5-16-20215-16-2021 "Guidance Of A Praying Mother"2 Timothy 1:6-105-9-2021 "Joy In The Jesus Journey!"Philippians 1:1-85-2-2021 "Facts Of Living By Faith"James 1:12-214-25-2021 "God’s Good News Promise"Romans 54-18-2021 "We Serve A Risen Savior!"Luke 24:36-514-11-2021 4-4-20214-4-2021 "Jesus Gave Up His Spirit!"Matthew 27:50-544-2-2021 "The Lord Has Need Of This!"Mark 11:1-113-28-2021 "God’s Protection Provisions"Romans 8:28-303-21-2021 "One Way To God’s Eternal Life"1 John 5:10-133-14-2021 "Stop, Look & Listen!"Matthew 13:18-233-7-2021 "Restoration Not Condemnation"Psalm 51:1-132-28-2021 "God’s Amazing Love Design"1 John 4:7-142-20-2021 "HOW’S YOUR WORSHIP?"Romans 12:1-162-14-2021 "Covered By The New Covenant"Hebrews 8:6-102-7-2021 "Children O To King"1 John 3:1-31-31-2021 "Being Sanctified In Christ"Ephesians 2:13-151-25-2021 "God’s Grace Is Amazing!"Titus 2:11-151-17-2021 "Faith And Works Together!"James 2:14-261-10-2021 "God’s Essentials For A Better New Year!"1 Peter 3:10-181-3-2021 "Seek And You Will Find"Matthew 2:1-1212-27-2020 "God’s Purpose For Christmas"Luke 2:10-2012-24-2020 "The Account Of Christ’s Birth"Luke 1 & 212-20-2020 "What Child Is This?"Matthew & Mark12-13-2020 "Some Assembly Required!"Luke 2:8-2012-6-2020 "Jesus’ Birth Brings Us New Hope!"Luke 1:26-3811-29-2020 "The Messianic Mission"Luke 4:14-2411-22-2020 "A Place For Planting & Picking!"Matthew 13:1-911-8-2020 "STRIVING TOWARD GOD’s ETERNAL GOAL"Philippians 3:10-1411-1-2020 "TO KNOW OUR FAITH IN JESUS"1 John 5:13-2110-25-2020 "Redeemed To Respond To Him"Ephesians 1:7-1410-11-2020 "COMMUNICATE CHRIST COURAGEOUSLY"Acts 4:1-2410-4-2020 "WAR OF THE WORLD"1 John 2:15-259-27-2020 "God’s Unchanging Providence!"Ecclesiastes 3:1-139-20-2020 "GODLY GUIDANCE FOR VICTORIOUS LIVES"2 Chronicles 7:149-13-2020 "Laboring For Christ!"1 Timothy 2:1-79-6-2020 "Trusting Jesus In Turbulent Times!"Matthew 14:22-338-30-2020 "Onward Christian Soldiers"Ephesians 6:10-188-23-2020 "THE 3 RIGHTEOUS REALITIES OF JESUS"John 14:1-68-16-2020 "ETERNAL LIFE, DEED OR DIVINE"Matthew 19:16-398-9-2020 "Pease Of Mind, Is Hard To Find"2 Corinthians 2:12-178-2-2020 "TESTIFYING THROUGH OUR FAITH"1 John 5:1-57-26-2020 "THAT’S LIFE IN CHRIST"2 Timothy 2:1-77-19-2020 "Faith Of A Mustard Seed"Matthew 13:31-327-12-2020 "WE THE PEOPLE, Of God"1 Peter 2:9-107-5-2020 "Heaven Is Our Home"2 Corinthians 5:1-96-28-2020 "A Father’s Formula For Faith"Hebrews 12:4-116-21-2020 "Good & Plenty"Psalm 16:1-116-14-2020 "Love Conquers Evil"Romans 12:12-216-7-2020 "Jesus, Master Over Death!"Luke 8:49-565-31-2020 Memorial Day, "A Day For Remembering!"1 Thessalonians 4:13-185-24-2020 "Jesus, Master Over Disease!"Luke 8:40-485-17-2020 Mother’s Day, "God’s Awesome Design For Moms!"Proverbs 31:10-11, 28-315-10-2020 "Jesus, Master Over The Demons!"Luke 8:26-395-3-2020 "Jesus, Master Over The Deep!"Luke 8:22-254-26-2020 "Saving Souls"Luke 10:25-374-19-2020 Easter Sunday, "Jesus Has Risen, Just As He Said!"Matthew 28:1-104-12-2020 Good Friday, "This Is Truly The Son Of God"Matthew 27:45-544-10-2020 Palm Sunday, "when Jesus Enters, Things Change!"Matthew 22:10-174-5-2020 "Jesus Is The Ultimate Encourager!"John 14:1-143-29-2020

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